Illuminator ILL-MW 1628

It is an established fact that moving objects, images get maximum attention of customers.

Novel concept in display.
Eye-catching display due to continuous movement.
Offers variety by conveying multiple message through a single unit.
Project images in vibrant colour with life-like clarity.
High visibility even from a distance.
Smooth, noiseless functioning.
Comes with adjustable time and sequence parameters.
Sleek and compact design that makes up minimum space can be customized to blend with the back drop.
Comes in different sizes to suit your precise need.
Available in various options to adjust the space availability.
Have it tailor-made to match your corporate identity.
Quick to install.
Easy to operate.
Simple to maintain.

Hotels, Restaurant, Fast-Food, Ice-Cream Parlors
Reception & Waiting-rooms.
Lobbies & Corridors.
Corporate Offices & Institutions.
Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Stall.
Stores & Supper Markets.
Shop Entrance & Window Display.
Show-rooms and boutique.
Airports, Railway Stations & Bus Terminals.
Halls & Public Place.
Garden & Entertainment Parks.
Theater & Multiplexes.
Slide-Shows & Corporate Presentations
Stadium and auditoriums.
Clubs & Party Plots.
Gymnasiums & Health Clubs.
Petrol Pumps, Banks & ATM Information Kiosks.

Additional Info

  • Cabinet Size(in inch): 22" × 33"
  • Display Area(in mm): 400*680
  • Translide Size: 416 * 700
  • Placement: Wall/Ceiling
  • Visible Height: -- --
  • Scrolling Moment: T-B/L-R
  • Stay Time: 0-30 Sec.